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HiFi Isolation Inert Turntable Matt

HiFi Isolation Inert Turntable  Matt
HiFi Isolation Inert Turntable Matt

HiFi Isolation Inert Turntable Matt are Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2007
The Inert Turntable Matt is manufactured from Custom Design's famous Acoustic Aluminium and Stainless Steel which has been designed to dampen resonance vibration caused or effecting your turntable.
Isolation is all important, as is suspension and the mechanical design of your turntable. Unwanted energy generated by standard metal platters, or the turntable motor or even sound vibrations from loud speakers can create a "clouding" effecting your sound. Many turntable platters are manufactured from Mazak which itsef resonates constantly.
The constrained layer dampening system with a 3:1 ratio has proven to be the most efficient for resonance absorption. The sandwich design contains a patented polymer which converts energy uniquely for proven benefits to Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

Dimensions - 296mm x 2mm - Black finish only

Aluminium Inert Turntable Matt - £89.99. - Suspended turntables

Stainless Steel Inert Turntable Matt - £99.99 - Non suspended turntables

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